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how did holly get her wood back you ask?
well Lindsay and I are off to find out
we're heading off to Ed Hardy, yay fun!
i love that guys work more than anything

so yea, hollywood by day....

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by night....


ps-xbox 360 in 4 days
anyone who's not getting the one with the hard drive is wasting their time caring about it all together
but yea, so im excited, it will be mine soon
and then, i will have nooo life for a long time
well ill have half life 2...
and thats good enough for me

k have fun kidds
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half life 2.........

u will be the most retarded x box 360 owner.

perfeck dark zero. look into it.

it was kind of a joke actually...
but ok

oh yea and perfec"t" dark zero is a good game, i already had that on my list
but thanks
thank u for callin me on my type-o but consider urself lucky to get that much of a reply in comprehendable english.

but for the record.

perfect dark zero***